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About Us

Zubin Arora Foundation's mission to make a positive change in the lives of children affected by adversity.  We sponsor and fund projects in the areas of childrens’ education, safety, health and wellbeing. We believe that every child deserves kindness and a chance at life, and the opportunity to grow into individuals who are happy, healthy and whole.


Our Story

Zubin Arora Foundation was started in the loving memory of our child Zubin. We lost Zubin to a rare sarcoma Cic-Dux4 in October 2017. His kind, friendly and creative spirit continues to live amongst us. Zubin loved to make friends, and was especially protective of little kids who seemed uncomfortable on the big school playground. To us, his memory is about more than cancer and loss. It is about helping children and spreading kindness.

In keeping with Zubin’s spirit of watching out for children who need a little extra help to fit in, we started the Zubin Arora Foundation in September 2021.


It is our objective to extend a helping hand to small and medium organizations who do charity work in the areas of children’s health, safety, education and well-being. 

We help families who are struggling with medical bills for their sick child through medical hardship grants.

We also help under-resourced families send kids to STEAM summer camps.


Please contact us if you or someone you know could use our help. 

We are a private family foundation based in California. Contact us with comments and suggestions. 

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